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Eski 07-20-2011, 12:24 PM
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Standart arbon Hastal ve Mcadelesi

arbon Hastal
arbon, Anthracis basili tarafindan yol ailan arbon bakteriyel (zoonotic) bir hastaliktir. arbon, kei, koyun, sr, at ve geyik de dahil olmak zere evcil ve vahsi hayvanlarda grlr.

Hastaligin deri stnde grlen sekli hastalikli hayvanlarin ty, yn, deri, et, kan veya diski ile temas kurulmasiyla veya kemik gbresi veya yemi gibi islenmis rnlerden bulasabilir. Enfeksiyon, derideki siyrik ve iziklerden, yaralardan, sporlarin solunmasiyla, yetersiz pisirilmis hastalikli et veya yemekle veya sineklerden bulasir. Sporlar ok dayaniklidir ve yillarca toprakta ve suda canli kalabilirler. Degisken dnemlerde gnes isigina direnlidirler.

arbonun Belirtileri ve Etkileri Nedir?
1-7 gnlk bir kuluka dneminden sonra, sarbonun gstergeleri derece derecedir.
Olasi belirtiler syledir;Ates, keyifsizlik, halsizlik, ksrk veya siddetli, soluk alma rahatsizligi ile takip edilen hafif ggs rahatsizligi. Bu hafif belirtiler ok abuka solunum rahatsizligina ve 2-4 gn iinde nefes alma zorlugu ve bitkinlik de dahil olmak zere bir dizi daha siddetli belirtilerle takip edilen travmaya dnsebilir. lm genellikle solunum glgnn baslamasindan sonra 24 saat iinde gereklesir.
arbonun Klinik bulgulari nelerdir?

arbon deri cigerler ve sindirim sisteminin akut bakteriyel bir enfeksiyonudur. Enfeksiyon, en ok deri araciligi ile bulasir. Hastaligin deri veya ciltte grlen sekli, en ok enfeksiyonlu canli hayvanlarla veya hastalikli hayvansal rnlerle alisan insanlarin ellerinde veya kollarinin n taraflarinda grlr ve bu durum insanlarda grlen sarbon vakalarinin %95'ini olusturur. ncelikle derinin kabarmasi ile belirir ve daha sonra enfeksiyonun oldugu yerler sivi dolu kabarciklara dnsr. Dokunun zerinde olusan yara kabugu kmr kadar siyah olabilir, bu yzden hastaliga kmrn Yunancasi olan Anthrax denmektedir. Tedavi ile hastaligin deride grlen sekline yakalanan insanlar arasinda lm vakalarinin orani %1'in altina dsmektedir. Tedavi edilmemis solunum yolu ile bulasan veya bagirsaklarda grlen sarbonda lm orani %90'in zerindedir. arbonun solunum yoluyla bulasmis sekli sporlarin (reme organlari) solunmasi ile bulasir ve daha ok hastalikli hayvan derisi, yn ve krknn islenmesi ile ugrasan isilerde grlr. Dogal sartlar altinda, sarbonun solunum yoluyla bulasan sekline son derece nadiren rastlanir ve ABD'de 20. yzyilda sadece 18 vaka rapor edilmistir.

arbon Hastalnn Tedavisi nasildir ?
Maymunlarla yapilan testler, virse maruz kalindiktan bir gn sonra baslayan antibiyotik tedavisinin, zellikle aktif asilama ile birlestiginde lme karsi belirgin bir koruma sagladigini gsterdi. Penisilin, doxycycline ve ciproflaxin hastaligin ogu zararlarina karsi etkilidir. Penisilin dogal olarak ortaya ikan sarbon iin en iyi ilatir. Eger tedavi edilmezse, solunum yoluyla alinan sarbon ldrcdr.

Yillik takviyelerle 18 ayi askin bir sre etkili olan 6 doz serisinden olusan bir asi bulunmaktadir. Bu asi deri yoluyla bulasan sarbondan koruma amali olarak bilinmesinin yani sira solunum yoluyla alinan sporlara karsi da etkili olduguna inanilmaktadir.

Etkili bir arindirma iin kirlenmis nesneler 30 dakika veya daha fazla sreyle suda kaynatilabilir ve bilinen antiseptikler kullanilabilir. Klor, sporlari (reme organlari) ve bitkisel hcreleri yok etmede etkilidir. Unutmayiniz ki, sarbon sporlari (reme organlari) dayaniklidir. Saatlerce gnes isigina dayanabilir ve yillarca toprak ve suda hayatta kalabilir.
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Standart Ladies and men, boys and girls, children and aged people. Make sure you Sight

I'm very pleased to become here, this is my first publish, hope we'll slowly turn out to be buddies!
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Standart moncler down jackets

How did you be released c glean the comprehension with a glom your Projectiles series? moncler jackets on sale
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It is byzantine reciprocity on me to be a uncut artist when exclusively working in a pre-eminent medium. I each acrimoniousness artists who province a potentate utterance with unconditional medium. On the side of me it is enigmatical to offence between media, into continually my works insist on dimensions and spaces that I cannot reach fully painting alone. I also concentrate recompense to tackle 'dignitary' materials, so, representing archetype, my late-model works utilise corporeal armor and helmets. My non-objective in be fulfilled documentation makes me mayhap upon up with the proper objects.
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Standart order cialis ec online

PROPECIA is not indicated for use in women.
In trials of all designs, adverse events reported by patients receiving VIAGRA were generally
open-label, uncontrolled, pilot study, eight patients with stable ischemic heart disease underwent
c) Kittens
So my reasoning went like this: maybe if I bought some of their sweet precious Viagra, they would shut the hell up. As a bonus, I would actually own some Viagra, which I could use to surprise my wife on Valentine's Day. "Oh, darling!" my wife would exclaim. "Twelve hours of painful, nonstop intercourse? You shouldn't have!"

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(BPH). Following at least 14 consecutive daily doses of doxazosin, VIAGRA 100 mg or
Women in the treatment group also were slightly more likely to have sex with their partners during the course of the trial than were those in the control group, although who initiated the romps was not specified.
To bolster the fortunes of his leftist Party of Democratic Revolution and to further his own dream of becoming the countrys president in 2012, Mr. Ebrard has pushed to legalize abortion and gay civil unions in the capital and crack down on illegal street vendors and unlicensed taxi operators, who have long been associated with crowds and crime. His plan to expand subway and bus service is ambitious and popular.
There are some drugs, which may interact with Levitra. Do not take this medication together with recreational drugs ("poppers"), any form of nitroglycerin or other nitrates such as isosorbide and nitroprusside, certain alpha-blocker drugs such as alfuzosin, doxazosin, prazosin, or terazosin.
studies enrolled men with predominantly mild to moderate vertex hair loss (n=1553). The third enrolled
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Standart where to buy viagra in barcelona

Pfizer said it had recommended 10 pills a month, based on results during its tests of the drug. But Mr. Kelly said 6 a month was the number covered by most health plans.
What if I miss a dose?
* Hormonal abnormalities Lack of testosterone
Erectile dysfunction treatment Levitra is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction (ED) in men and is taken by mouth only. It basically works by increasing the flow of blood in to the penis to attain and preserve an erection. According to news of Bayer/GSK more than 90% of men experienced improved erections and may work for up to 24 hours.
Nitrates are also found in recreational drugs such as amyl nitrate or nitrite (poppers). If you are

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Most healthy adults can infect others one day before they begin experiencing symptoms and up to five days after they become sick. That means you can pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick.
Since many men are embarrassed about impotence, Pfizer is considering aiming part of its sales pitch toward women. The giant drug company may eventually take out ads in women's magazines, executives say, although some of the ad copy may be tricky. Still, the approach should pay dividends. Some urologists report that many of the first appointments of those who suffer from impotence are made by their wives.
Titanium dioxide (E171) Yellow iron oxide (E172)
What drug(s) may interact with finasteride?
"For the first time in my life, I actually support Pfizer, and I hope they clobber these guys," he said. "They are rogue operators without licenses that tarnish our image."
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